Wheel Chairs for the Perlman Center

Harrison Robotics has been given an opportunity to work on wheel chairs for the Perlman Center, apart of Children’s Hospital. The wheelchairs are constructed of PVC and created for 2-4 year olds with  neurological disabilities. These kids often must wait 2-6 months just to be given their own permanent wheelchair, so FRC team 4521 is constructing these chairs to fill in during that waiting period. The chairs are light weight and highly practical, especially for new users (PVC can take a beating). The entire process will be done by the FRC team, where they will assemble, code, and wire the chairs so these little tykes will be able to get moving around.

To make the chairs even more SUPER, the team got a booth at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. Chair chassis were built and showcased at the Kid’s Corner at the Duke Energy Center, where onlookers were amazed by the many bots and buttons (People really like buttons). Artists, were asked to donate pieces of their work to be displayed on the chairs, and the results given are outstanding. So, a huge thank you to all the artists who generously donated these fine pieces, and we will update our progress on the chairs as we move through these next couple months!

More info on the Perlman Center and their many grand                               projects can be found here:                                                                                           http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/service/a/aaron-                                   perlman-  center/assistive-technology/access-mobility/