Graduate Spotlight: Mark Phillips

HR: Where are you attending college?
Mark: Junior at School of Media Arts & Studies in the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University.  Or just Ohio University works


HR: What major and / or profession are you pursuing?

Mark: I’m getting a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Integrated Media


HR: Have you been able to get any co-op or other on the job training? If yes, share where, how you landed the job, exciting or interesting info you can share, etc.

Mark: I am currently a Student Producer for University Communications and Marketing.  Essentially I create videos for different schools within the university.  They either come to us with a concept for the video or just explain to us what they’re trying to portray and I’ll come up with a concept, get it approved by the client, write a script, shoot it, edit it, and then publish it!  This is really good experience because it’s essentially what I hope to do when I graduate, but in a supportive learning environment with mentors that are helping me develop my skills and learn new marketable skills I’ll be able to use once I graduate.  I learned about the position through my Learning Community advisor who works at University Communications and Marketing.  She told me the position was open and suggested I apply, so I did and I made the cut over about 20 or 30 other students who applied and were interviewed.


HR: Have you had any major or interesting accomplishments since graduating high school?

Mark: I am now the producer and a writer for a show that is aired on Athens public access called Pranking Ohio.  It’s a lot of fun, but takes a lot of time and effort to get everyone in the same place at the same time.  When I was a freshman, it was a lame pranking show, but now we’ve turned into something not lame and more sketch comedy and no pranks.  We kept the name because we thought it was funny.


HR: What’s your favorite memory from your FIRST experience?

Mark:  My favorite memory from my FIRST experience is probably when we got our robot to the third tier of the pyramid (the first to actually do so, if I remember correctly) and it got stuck.



HR: Is there anything else you want to share?
Mark: FIRST was easily one of the best learning experiences I had in High School and have had my whole life.  I learned more about mechanics and programming in those few months than I ever had in my life up to that point.  It allowed me to apply my brain to real problems that required analysis and critical thinking to come up with the best solution.  The experience and the people involved helped shape me into who I am today.  Friends that I made in FIRST are the few that I’ve kept in close contact with since graduating high school.  I would say that the time we spent after school together having fun and making things played a large role in forming the long lasting relationships that exist today.